Accessing Capital As A Minority Small Business Owner

In this roundtable, we tackle the challenges that minority entrepreneurs encounter in accessing capital for their businesses. Speakers Harold Hughes of Bandwagon and Mike Jackson of Black Tech Talent share insights on various types of capital, alternative funding options, and ways to leverage technology. The conversation focuses on helping the next generation of minority entrepreneurs overcome these barriers.

Key Takeaways

  • Minority entrepreneurs face significant barriers in accessing capital for their businesses.
  • Various types of investors and funding sources are available, including angel investors, venture capitalists, loans, and more.
  • Entrepreneurs should prepare and ask the right questions when seeking investors.
  • Alternative funding options and incubator programs can provide valuable support.
  • Leveraging technology is crucial in overcoming capital access barriers.
  • Collaboration and support are essential to empower the next generation of minority startups and entrepreneurs.

Key Moments

  • 8:40 – Barriers to accessing capital as a minority business owner
  • 17:00 – Types of Capital
  • 24:50 – How to interact with investors 
  • 30:10 – Connecting to programs for Black businesses 
  • 38:20 – How to support minority entrepreneurs 
  • 46:50 – Q&A