AI Workshop Part II: Unleashing Your Brand’s Potential

Artificial Intelligence

During this workshop, you will learn practical, actionable tips and tricks for utilizing AI to boost your brand’s growth and streamline your operations, all while maintaining your company’s unique, authentic voice. Led by Phil Pallen, a brand and social media strategist with expertise in AI for small businesses, this workshop is your gateway to unlocking the potential of AI. 

Key Takeaways

  • Why AI is the most underrated asset for streamlining business functions 
  • Specific examples of AI helping businesses of different industries
  • Basic and quick ways to begin using AI for your business needs
  • The best (and cheapest) tools to maximize AI for your needs 
  • Common mistakes by people with AI—and how to avoid

Key Moments

  • 1:08 – How AI can be small business owners’ new best friend. 
  • 16:02 – How to train AI to sound like your brand. 
  • 31:10 – Phil’s favorite AI tools for marketers and content creators
  • 40:00 – Premium tools worth paying for 
  • 46:37 – AI tools for social media advertising