How to Be An Advocate for Small Business

This roundtable, led by Hitha Herzog, Chief Research Officer of H Squared Research LLC, explores the value of being a small business advocate and teaches you how to tell your story of digital empowerment to those in power. Small business experts Clark Twiddy, Jenna Ahern, and Drew Kamp will share their experiences and insights into advocating for small businesses. Learn why advocacy is essential and discover how to get involved with 3C.

Key Takeaways

  • Small businesses often lack representation in policymaking.
  • Advocacy is crucial for small businesses to ensure their interests are considered.
  • Engaging with local chambers of commerce can be valuable for small businesses.
  • Understanding and influencing local policies can have a significant impact on small businesses.
  • 3C is a platform that empowers small businesses to advocate effectively.

Key Moments

  • 0:00 – Intro to small business advocacy 
  • 9:22 – Leveraging social media to highlight key policy issues
  • 14:25 – Local Advocacy
  • 19:30 – How to approach Chambers of Commerce 
  • 22:30 – The importance of local policy 
  • 25:00 – How to get involved 
  • 28:00 – Q&A